reupholstered boat cushions

Boat Cushion Reupholstery

Your boat can look great on the outside: a shining hull, fantastic individual parts, maybe even a brand-new paint job. But when it comes time to use it, there may be no element that’s more important to the look and feel of your boat than its boat cushions. These cushions should be comfortable, waterproof and free of holes.

Fabrics on a boat are exposed to harsher conditions than fabrics on land. And the guidelines for what fabrics to use above deck (like in your cockpit) and below deck (in your cabin) are different. For example, the cockpit is exposed to much more moisture and sunlight than your cabin cushions, so choose cushions with good longevity in the elements. Since your cabin is more protected from the elements than your cockpit, moisture and sunlight are lesser concerns for cabin cushions. The two main things to think about when selecting your cabin cushions are generally preventing mildew and feeling comfortable.

Recently we completed reupholstering the cushions on a client’s boat called Evangeline. Good marine quality vinyls are an excellent choice for any seating exposed to the elements. Indoor/outdoor fabrics are good choices for cabin cushions, especially if there is any chance of damp. Sunbrella is one brand name, but there are many more good selections. Many of the regular upholstery fabrics today have added protection of stain and water repellent. The client chose a woven chenille upholstery fabric that is hard wearing, and easily cleaned with water based cleaners.

Customer Comments

Our client sent in some photos of the finished interior of the boat after they were installed, with these comments:

“First of all I wish to tell you how pleased I am with the boat cushions you recovered. You asked me to send you pictures of them in place which are shown below. My apologies for not getting them to you sooner. It comes to mind when I am at the boat but the wi fi service there is poor which makes sending pictures almost impossible. So, now that Evangeline is high and dry and tucked away for the winter I am sending them from home. Again, many thanks for a super job. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures on your website. Regards, Steve S.”

We don’t have any “before” pictures of these cushions, but now that they’ve been recovered they look lovely and very well suited to their environment!

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