Furniture Refinishing for Family Heirlooms

Being in the refinishing/recovery business means we often have the immense privilege of helping restore furniture that has strong family connections for its owners. Sometimes those connections go back several generations. This antique roll-top writing desk is the perfect example.

This desk had been in storage (as shown) for many years, and needed serious repair. The desk had been used by at least two generations of the farming family before going into storage. The third generation was ready to breathe new life into this beautiful desk, and entrusted us with its restoration.

After the restoration work was completed, the client sent us photos of it in its new permanent spot, a perfect nook, with the following comment:

“Thank you for the wonderful result on an important piece of family history. The picture on the desk is Edgemere in the early 1950s after my parents took over the running of the farm.”

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