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Refresh & Restyle Furniture with New Upholstery

Change the look.

We recover all kinds of furniture, not just antiques. We can also restyle to reflect changing trends. We can replace worn or outdated fabric and coordinate your unmatched pieces for a cohesive look. This can be done either by reupholstering or adding custom slipcovers.

It’s worn out.

It’s a choice many people come to face at some point in their lifetime. That cozy chair you’ve spent years curling up in has lost its luster. It’s dirty. The fabric ripped. But it’s your favorite chair, so you don’t want to get rid of it. 

Everyone knows modern furniture isn’t made to be as sturdy or long-lasting as it used to be. If you have an older piece that is still structurally sound, why not reupholster instead of replacing it?


Don’t throw it out – we also do all kinds of repairs! Whether you have a worn or stained cushion, or a chair leg that the dog used as a favorite chew toy. We may also be able to repair that piece of furniture that fell off of the trailer or truck during a move or while transporting home from the store.

What kind of furniture can we restore?

Custom Reupholstery

Reupholstering your favourite chair doesn’t have to be just fixing a ratty old piece. Custom reupholstery means you can make a piece of furniture look brand new, save cost, AND save the landfill. 

Custom Reupholstery allows you to make the piece match YOUR tastes and comfort levels. An old chair can regain its original splendour, or be completely redesigned to suit a more modern aesthetic. Cushions can change shapes and sizes, trim can be added or removed, and so much more!

Reupholstering your furniture not only brings new life to your favourite pieces, but it can make YOU the designer!  The possibilities are endless, and we are happy to help.

custom furniture upholstery for gorgeous living room

How to decide if you should recover a piece?

For Emotional Reasons
Emotional consideration comes from your personal attachment to the piece. Do you really love it? Does it have an unusual or otherwise unique shape? Does it have some meaning to you – perhaps you inherited it or received it as a gift? Your attachment matters, and you should consider recovering to extend the life of the piece so you can continue to enjoy it.

For Practical Consideration.
The practical rational can be about the size, shape and look of the piece in your room – as well as not wanting to drive around the city, sitting on an endless amount of chairs and sofas – then wondering how they will fit and look in your home. When you reupholster your furniture you already know what you’re getting, how it will look in your space and how it will fit your body.

Test the Quality

Check the weight:
A good quality frame will be made from solid hardwood and springs so it should have a substantial weight to it.

Check the structure:
Wiggle the arms and back to determine if it’s solid or loosely constructed.

Check the legs:
If possible, flip the piece over so you can see if the legs are part of the frame, which is another sign of quality work.

More than just Furniture

No job is too small! We can handle reupholstery of all types of Furniture. Household, truck and boat seats, motorcycle seats, ATV seat covers, antique restorations, restaurant furnishings, offices, wood refinishing and repairs – and more!

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